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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

War of Troy Hack Tool

- Download Files
- Login at the game
- launch hack
- choose value of goods
- click start
- refresch
- have a nice game

War of Troy
Though you are longing to lead a peaceful life, you have to take up weapons to stay alive. The moment you set foot on the turbulent land, you realize the importance of owning a fortified city where you can build a booming economy, defend yourself against outside attacks, train a squad of intrepid warriors, and prepare for your military expansion. So, the first step is to claim a patch of unconquered land and construct a series of buildings. Each building has its specific functions in the game, and they can also be constantly upgraded. Besides, you need to take part in missions of all types and levels so as to earn much-needed revenues. The hard-earned money is also advised to be strategically allocated to different parts; otherwise, the weakest point may become the Achilles’ heel to you. As long as you are ready, you can wage wars against your enemies and raid their resources and territories. Really talented players will witness a quick expansion of their land. Will you be one of them?

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