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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tamer Saga hack adder

- Download Files
- Login at the game
- launch hack
- choose value of goods
- click start
- refresh
- have a nice game

 Tamer Saga

In the dazzling and fantastic world, you are able to follow an engrossing storyline and reward yourself with refreshing experiences of collecting emblems, taming pets as well as performing various quests.

There are four basic classes including Warrior, Maga, Priest and Ranger. In terms of gameplay, emblem selection, pets deployment and the album system constitute the backbone of Tamer Saga. Five distinct emblems with unique and mighty powers are embedded in the game for you to choose from, and they could be rather devastating in increasing the damage. Meanwhile, there come five battle formations in the pets deployment system, which allows you to organize different teams by selecting your pets as well as the demons and bosses that are confined in the album system.

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