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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

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"Though aptly named at the time of its coining, a steady stream of archaeological discoveries and scientific advancements make the Forgotten Age less forgotten by the day. While there is consensus that it ended with the rise of the Paragons and the beginning of traditionally recorded history, when the Forgotten Age began – and how, when, and why the Mechanism came into existence – is a question of lively and fanciful debate.
Written documents from the Forgotten Age are rare, and seldom if ever refer to the Mechanism as a whole. The majority of surviving fragments of parchment and stone inscriptions come from the late Forgotten Age, and describe a group of intermittently warring feudal kingdoms scattered throughout the Heartlands. Contact between these kingdoms and greenskin settlements in the crownlands and borderlands appears to have been rare. Portrayals of greenskins by human cultures and of humans by greenskin cultures are thus extraordinarily exaggerated.
Some especially memorable tapestries show steel-tusked orcs towering over trees, goblins passing through stone, and four-armed hobgoblins with crooked scimitars menacing human kingdoms. A recently excavated goblin painting shows humans as creatures of mirrored glass walking on flaming talons. None of these fanciful portrayals appear with any consistency, though..."

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